DSQLT has schemainformation views for objects and columns providing better prepared information of the internal system views such as sys.objects or sys.columns .

The following functions are self-explainable and refer to the current database (with exception of DSQLT.Databases).


  • DSQLT.Databases
  • DSQLT.Schemas
  • DSQLT.Functions
  • DSQLT.Procedures
  • DSQLT.Tables
  • DSQLT.Views
  • DSQLT.Columns


  • DSQLT.ColumnList: The call is like at DSQLT.Columns, result is a string of comma-separated list of column names.
  • DSQLT.SourceContains: The list appears in the source code of the search text.
  • DSQLT.AllSourceContains: Like DSQLT.SourceContains, additional search in the source system objects.


Functions to check for existence of objects

  • DSQLT.isDatabase: Checks if the database exists.
  • DSQLT.isFunc: Checks if the function exists.
  • DSQLT.isProc: Checks if the procedure exists.
  • DSQLT.isSchema: Checks whether schema exists.
  • DSQLT.isTable: Checks if the table exists.-
  • DSQLT.isView: Checks whether view exists.
  • DSQLT.isSynonym: Checks if the synonym exists.

Procedures to check for existence of objects (across multiple databases)

  • DSQLT.@isFunc: Checks if function in a particular database exists.
  • DSQLT.@isProc: Checks if the procedure in a given database exists.
  • DSQLT.@isSchema: Checks whether a specific database schema exists.
  • DSQLT.@isTable: Checks whether a specific database table exists.
  • DSQLT.@isView: Checks whether view exists in a particular database.
  • DSQLT.@isSynonym: Checks whether synonym in a given database exists.

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